iCare™ Foundation

iCare™ Foundation is a dedicated charitable foundation to help local communities by promoting the advancement of education, social development, and good causes.

Specifically, our main agenda is to promote the Confucius’ philosophies to enhance the understanding of the Chinese language and culture within New Zealand. Using education as a medium, iCare™ Foundation helps to build one’s self-esteem to empower people to become confident, enthusiastic, positive contributors and role models within New Zealand society.

Here at iCare™ Foundation, we understand that immigration has become increasingly popular for families and individuals seeking a better lifestyle in this land of the long white cloud, however it can be difficult adapting to way of life in a foreign place.

Our aim is to facilitate the successful integration of new settlers into New Zealand society and the wider community, for all ages. We also provide help and rendering assistance to those that are disadvantaged or have difficulties adapting to the environment and community.

As a country, we must invest in our future human capital i.e. our young people. They are the pillar of our society. However, youth are also the most vulnerable group of people within the society. We intend to focus our resources and provide services to be able to help them become a valuable and role model citizen.

What do we mean by “youth”?

Youth is best understood as a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It is where most people go through many rapid changes within their lives and often uncertainties and problems arise. We believe that during this transition, youth go from the dependence of childhood to the independence and maturity of adulthood; as well the as the responsibilities. An awareness of interdependence of others as members of a community is vital to build leading role models.

iCare™ for a better and brighter future!

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